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EasyJetHolidays Telephone Number: 0871 472 1682
Calls Cost 13p per minute plus your company's access charge

 Do you have last-minute questions about your impending easyJet Holidays trip? Are you seeking Visa clarification from easyJet Holidays Customer Services? Do you have questions about a promotion package? Do you have a complaint or feedback about a recent trip? Well, just scroll through our comprehensive list of phone numbers below and get in touch with easyJet faster than you can say holidays!


Operating Hours: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday unless otherwise stated

• General Line: 0871 472 1682 Calls Cost 13p per minute plus your company's access charge

• Customer Service: 0871 472 1682 Calls Cost 13p per minute plus your company's access charge

• Sales and Booking: 020 3499 5232, 

• Duty Office: 020 3499 5248 (24 hours a day)


Please call the general line if you are seeking assistance on matters concerning emergencies, change of schedule or cancellation. If you are calling from outside the United Kingdom, please add UK’s country code (+44) in front of the numbers.

If you are travelling, you may consider calling easyJet Holidays’ country offices for more prompt resolutions.



• General Line: +34 971 927 448

• Sales and Booking: +34 971 927 336  

• Duty Office: +34 971 927 473 (24 hours a day)



• General Line: +39 069 762 7655

• Sales and Booking: +39 069 762 7656

• Duty Office: +39 069 762 7680 (24 hours a day)



• General Line: +33 017 654 5124

• Sales and Booking: +33 017 654 5369

• Duty Office: +33 017 654 5985 (24 hours a day)



• General Line: 180 618 0622

• Sales and Booking: 180 680 6806

• Duty Office: 180 618 0677 (24 hours a day)



• General Line: +31 208 110 840

• Sales and Booking: +31 208 110 844

• Duty Office: +31 208 110 841 (24 hours a day)



• General Line: +41 435 509 516

• Sales and Booking: +41 435 509 515 (German) or +41 435 509 515 (French)

• Duty Office: +41 435 509 519 (German) or +41 435 509 519 (French) - (24 hours a day)


• Note: Local call rates apply. If you are using a mobile phone, international roaming charges will apply.



Bookings can be made through email using and customer service-related questions can be directed to For cancellations, please send your notice to


Email bookings via country offices can be made using the following addresses:


• Spain:

• Italy:

• France:

• Germany:

• Netherlands:

• Switzerland: (French) or (German)


You may also use an online contact form to communicate with easyJet Holidays.



Like most low-cost airlines, easyJet does not encourage communications using regular mail. In fact, they rarely advertise their office address. However, in case you have a legal or official letter to send, please use the address for their corporate office below:


EasyJet plc

Hangar 89

London Luton Airport




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If you would like to lodge a complaint about any aspect of easyJet’s services, such as missing baggage, flight delays or pricing, the company recommend that you use the online contact form. Provide the required details and the nature of your complaint, and the company will revert back to you within seven working days. However, during peak traveling periods, responses may take up to 15 days.


If you are not satisfied at the outcome of your complaint, you may escalate the matter to the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), a mediation and dispute resolution organisation sanctioned by the Civil Aviation Authority to provide independent review of customer complaints.


Complaints to CEDR must be made within 12 months of the date of incident, and will incur a service fee of £25. The fee will be refunded to the customer if their complaint is deemed to be successful. To initiate your complaint, please submit an application online. You may also get in touch with CEDR by telephone, email or mail.


CEDR Contact Number: 020 7536 6099

Email Address:

Mailing Address: CEDR Services Limited, International Dispute Resolution Centre, 70 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1EU


Customers also have the right to seek redress with the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution platform. However, the process will take longer and is strictly limited to purchases made online.



easyJet Holidays is a large multinational company with presence spanning a number of European countries. With dozens of destinations and hundreds of flights everyday involving tens of thousands of customers, the company’s customer service department will be busy around the clock.


As such, to minimise your waiting time, it would be a good idea to call during off-peak hours. The Duty Office is open 24 hours a day in UK as well as their other European branches, so there is really no hurry. Schedule the call around your free time to ensure you are not put off by any long hold time.


Before calling, please make advance preparation to ensure you will not miss any important details. Write down the nature of your complaint in a note book, and keep all relevant documentations, such as booking confirmations or credit card numbers, close by.


Customer service representatives love customers who have immediate access to all details relevant to the nature of their call. It saves time, and reduces any risk of aggravation on both sides. Yes, service personnel can also get annoyed after dealing with their tenth screaming customer of the day. In fact, you will likely motivate service reps to resolve your issues quicker by being courteous and friendly. Being angry and verbally abusive will more likely see your case being handed around like a hot potato.


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easyJet Holidays was originally established as easyJetHolidays in 2007 under a collaborative partnership between low-cost airline easyJet and Hotelopia as a hotel booking portal. Three years later, online travel company Lowcosttravelgroup was roped into the enterprise to create easyJet Holidays (with a space between ‘Jet’ and ‘Holidays’ now).


Using a large customer volume, the company hopes to negotiate better rates directly with partner hotels, complemented by cheaper flight rates. This is part of a long-term effort by easyJet to tap into its captive market of travellers. The company, which operates over 540 routes across 30 countries, carried nearly 37 million passengers in 2017. However, only 500,000 thousand customers booked their accommodations through easyJet Holidays.


Nevertheless, the company is poised to grow at a faster rate in 2018 as two of its major competitors, Monarch and Alitalia have collapsed.



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