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British Gas Telephone Number: 0871 472 1674
Calls Cost 13p per minute plus your company's access charge

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British Gas

British Gas Telephone Number: 0871 472 1674 Calls Cost 13p per minute plus your company's access charge

British Gas is the largest energy and home services provider in the United Kingdom, serving over 20 million people in 12 million homes around the country. If you would like to contact British Gas, please call the main customer service line at 0871 472 1674.

To find out other contact options of selected British Gas departments, please scroll through our list below.


  • Account enquiries: 0871 472 1674 Calls Cost 13p per minute plus your company's access charge, 18001 0800 072 8626 (textphone). If you’re calling from abroad, please dial +44 113 298 0900. 
  • Emergency numbers (for gas leak): 0800 111 999 (24 hour emergency hotline)
  • Moving home: 0871 472 1674 Calls Cost 13p per minute plus your company's access charge
  • Gas installations: 0800 072 5280

Pay As You Go Clients

  • Enquiries: 0871 472 1674 Calls Cost 13p per minute plus your company's access charge
  • Moving home: 0871 472 1674 Calls Cost 13p per minute plus your company's access charge
  • Home Energy Top Up: 0800 107 0188*
  • Sales/ New Account Signups: 0800 980 6005

Maintenance and Repair:

  • Enquiries: 0871 472 1674 Calls Cost 13p per minute plus your company's access charge
  • Breakdowns: 0800 048 1000
  • Plumbing & Drains Breakdown: 0800 048 1000, 18001 0800 316 3772 (textphone)
  • One-off repairs: 0800 000 999
  • New/Replacement boilers: 0800 009 4450
  • Gas or electricity theft: 0800 587 2737

Operating Hours: With the exception of the 24 hour emergency gas leak hotline, British Gas’ operating hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.


British Gas has three public emails for consumers.


British Gas has an online contact form which you can use to send the firm an email. Simply fill up the details in the URL below and click Submit.

Preference is given to existing customers who have registered on the website, so please do so for a faster resolution to your enquiry.


Letters to British Gas can be sent to the company’s head office at the following address:


British Gas PO Box 227 ROTHERHAM S98 1PD


A fleet of British Gas vans near Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield Image by Terry Robinson.


Not only can you keep abreast of the latest news from British Gas by following them on the social media, you can also occasionally seek assistance with just a tweet or a post. Many customers have had their issues resolved by engaging with British Gas’ social media team.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • YouTube:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Google+:


British Gas takes complaints very seriously, and aims to resolve complaints within a day after receiving them. In the event your complaint is not resolved after eight weeks, the company encourages you to reach out to the Ombudsman Service (0330 440 1624) to seek their advice and assistance. You can also seek a free consultation with the Citizens Advice consumer service (03454 04 05 06). Both agencies are independent bodies that work to assist British consumers.
If you would like to file a complaint with British Gas, start by calling the relevant department directly to allow them to resolve the issue.

  • Gas & electricity: 0800 072 8632
  • Pay As You Go: 0800 072 8633
  • Home services: 0800 048 1000
  • Installations (boiler and heating): 0800 294 4460

If matters are not resolved to your satisfaction, please fill in the online complaint form and wait for their representatives to get in touch:

You also have the option of escalating the issue directly to the head office by writing to:

Complaints Management Team


PO Box 226, Rotherham, S98 1PB



The most important thing to do before getting in touch with British Gas is to set aside some free time. Like most giant conglomerates, British Gas handles thousands of calls daily, so be prepared to be put on hold for a while before speaking to a customer service representative.
Organise your thoughts in advance, and if possible, note the important points down. It’s very common to miss out on important details after being kept on hold. Additionally, keep your temper in check. It’s very easy (and satisfying) to succumb to the temptation, but getting angry is unproductive and will only delay the resolution of your problem.
Make sure to take notes of the time of call and who you were speaking to. Modern call centres usually record and store conversations for a short period of time, so your call can easily be accessed with the details you’ve provided. In addition, your notes will be crucial if the problem worsens and you are forced to escalate the issue to the management.

Training facilities at British Gas' Academy in Tredegar, Wales. Image courtesy of Department of Energy and Climate Change.


British Gas plc is the direct descendant of the first public utility company in the world, Gas Light and Coke Company, which was established in 1812 in Westminster, London. It went through several reincarnations over the next two centuries, such as the Area Gas Boards (1948) and British Gas Corporation (1973), but its modern birth came with the passing of the Gas Act 1986. The act compelled the government to privatise the British Gas Corporation. Valued at 135p per share during the initial public offering, British Gas plc burst into public consciousness in 1986 when its market value rose to a massive £9 billion with the stroke of a gavel!
A little more than a decade later, the company was split into three separate firms in 1997 (Centrica, BG Group and Transco). Centrica obtained the rights to continue to use the trade name British Gas, and remains as its parent company to this day.
Today, British Gas is the largest energy utility company in Great Britain. It serves in excess of 20 million customers in over 14.26 million homes and offices. In July 2016, Centrica declared revenues of £13.4 billion and an operating profit of £635 million for the preceding financial year.


British Gas Services Limited and British Gas New Heating Limited:



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