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Would you like to confirm the status of your reservation? Do you have questions pertaining to the hotel booked for your trip? Are you confused about the documentary requirements of your trip? Would you like to reschedule your booking? Are you concerned about the refund approval? Whatever reason you may have, you need a phone number to get started. Guess what? You can find those numbers here!


Operating hours: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


• Customer service (global): 0871 472 1689 (this is a universal international freephone number or UIFN – be sure to use the 001 prefix when calling from UK)

• Customer service (UK): 0871 472 1689

• General number: +44 20 3320 2609

• Helpline: +44 20 3564 6725


Telephone charges: Kindly note that there are no tariffs for UIFN and freephone numbers. Nevertheless, please confirm with your service provider before placing a call. Call tariffs are fluid, and rates can change with little notice.


Aside from that, rates for numbers beginning with 02 are geographically applied. Rates are up to 13p per min using landlines and between 3p and 55p per min on mobile phones. Numbers beginning with 0845 are charged up to 7p per min.




If you prefer to contact using email, here are several emails which you can use.


• Customer service:

• Customer service (Dutch):

• Reservations:

• Press office (London):


If you would like to send your email to C-level executives, here are the email addresses of several senior company figures.


• Glen Fogel, CEO:

• James Waters, Senior VP of Partner & Customer Service:

• Cynthia Muller, Regional Director NORAM Customer Service:

• Joe Burke, Director of Customer Service:




If you require a physical address to send a letter or package to, please use the following addresses.


• United Kingdom


Compass House

80 Newmarket Road

Cambridge, CB5 8DZ United Kingdom


• United States/ North America


800 Connecticut Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06854


For legal purposes, does not accept domicile status at any location other than its headquarters in the Netherlands.


• Headquarters


Herengracht 597

1017 CE Amsterdam



• PO Box


Postbus 1639

1000 BP Amsterdam

Netherlands’s global headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands’s global headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Image courtesy of Luca Conti




Going for a holiday is such a complex matter. seeks to simplify the process for its customers by providing a one-stop service. However, customers should be aware that there are many stakeholders and actors in the process, including, hotels, airlines, bus companies and’s internal reservation system. As such, please allow the company some time to resolve your issue. Even a seemingly simple refund request might require official confirmation from multiple parties across the globe.


With that said, if you have not received a satisfactory verbal answer, please document your complaint by sending an email to Be polite, but be persistent. Remember to follow up regularly with any point of contact (but don’t hound them!).


Unfortunately, there are no third party arbitrators which can be brought in to mediate any dispute. However, if you are paying by credit card, you can ask the card issuer for help in getting refunds. Banks and financial institutions carry a lot of clout, and they tend to favour their own customers in cases of disputes.


5. DEALING WITH BOOKING.COM CUSTOMER SERVICES operates a 24-hour call centre to handle the tens of thousands of customers it serves daily. Please keep that in mind when making a call.


Do not take it personally if you are kept on hold for longer than anticipated. The call volume will fluctuate throughout the day. If your friend manages to speak to a representative in two minutes, it doesn’t mean you will be able to as well.


Be smart about the timing of your call. Try to call after office hours – ideally during a period which also coincide with North American after office hours. The call volume will noticeably drop during the period.


Once you get a customer service rep on the line, do not lash out at them - they are not responsible for your bad experience or issue. In fact, you should treat them like a friend. If you ‘win’ them over, they will likely work harder to resolve your issue. Remember, angry and verbally abusive customers rarely get their way when calling call centres.


Remain calm, polite, factual and persistent – these are the keys to success when dealing with call centres. exhibition booth at the ITB Berlin 2017 exhibition booth at the ITB Berlin 2017. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


6. ABOUT BOOKING.COM is a search engine and price aggregator for accommodations. The company collate online data from all over the web and recommends the best prices to their customers. To enhance their offerings, also establishes relationships with property owners from around the world. This is how they are able to offer attractive rates to travellers. In recent years, most of their packages also include flight deals. was established in in 1996 by Geert-Jan Bruinsma on the website Four years later, the company merged with Bookings Online ( The company was taken over twice more in the following years – in 2005 by Priceline Group and in 2007 Active Hotels Limited. However, the uniqueness of its name compelled the parent company to change their names and domains to!


Following an internal restructuring, the company has become a fully-owned subsidiary of Delaware-based Booking Holdings. The company is listed on NASDAQ, and is part of the exchange’s NASDAQ-100 index. In 2019, declared a revenue of $14.53 billion and its current market capitalisation is valued at almost $86 billion.


Today, the company handles approximately 1.55 million daily booking and lists almost 29 million bookable properties on its website.


One of the over 28 million properties listed on

One of the over 28 million properties listed on Image courtesy of Anna Michal




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